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More than an aesthetic, your commercial kitchen design drives your success. We put a premium on designing your restaurant with a kitchen layout, purpose-selected restaurant equipment and customer flow engineered for maximum throughput.
Commercial Ovens
Outfit Your Establishment with the Commercial Oven Best Suited for Your Cooking Needs
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Outfit Your Business with the Proper Restaurant Kitchen
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With hundreds of commercial refrigeration equipment products to choose from, you’re sure to find a unit that’s suitable for your needs.
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Outfit Your Business with the Proper Restaurant Kitchen
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Outfit Your Business with the Proper Restaurant Kitchen

Highbright Kitchen Equipment is a leading contracting practice with offices in China.Our dynamic international teams, have extensive experience in regional and international projects, and the ability to deliver landmark, signature projects from inception to final handover of the completed project.
Global exposure to a broad spectrum of projects, has developed our skills base to encompass numerous market.We carry refrigerated prep tables, reach-in units, and undercounter refrigerators in various sizes to fit every space.
Why Choose Highbright?
Your kitchen supply needs, our solutions​​​​​​​
With powerful features built to simplify purchasing, Highbright is your one-stop shop for restaurant supplies.​​​​​​​
Design Your Commercial Kitchen​​​​​​​
Our experienced engineers will assist the salesman to design the commercial kitchen by CAD for customers, we will also render the perfect 3D kitchen images, just contact us if you have a new kitchen projects to be built.

Fully Equipped Kitchen Equipment​​​​​​​
We have products for commercial kitchen needs such as Baking Equipment, Cooking Equipment, Commercial Food Processor and many more. One order can meet your entire needs, you can buy it all in one stop at Highbright.

Experienced Team
Highbright is supplying the most secure commercial kitchen equipment from 2000 Year, and we have 20 years experience in oversea exporting from China.If you are looking for the cheap and good quality kitchen equipment from China, then we will be best provider.
Commercial Kitchen Equipment Supply
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